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The Vortex

By Nöel Coward

The Vortex

Step into the world of glamour and intrigue as we kick off the 2024 season with Noël Coward’s timeless classic, The Vortex. Set against the backdrop of the roaring twenties, this intoxicating tale explores the complexities of love, addiction, and societal expectations, leaving audiences breathless with its sharp wit and piercing insights. Worlds collide when two decadent lives crash into each other. 

For its 100-year anniversary, Noël Coward’s career-making play is still as startling as ever. This is Punk Coward, where nothing can ever stay the same and wit and shock go hand-in-hand. Think you know Noël? Think again. ADVISORY NOTICE Contains themes of addiction and depictions of drug use

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